Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer 2010 Inspiration Board.

Style is an amalgamation of what you see, the music you listen to, the magazines you read and what truly influences how you dress and the swagger which you carry yourself with. My inspiration comes from a number of different places, so I decided to make an inspiration board to show you guys how I digest media and fashion into my own personal style.

Here are a few things I especially love from the inspiration board:

Pale Pink Lipstick.
I love the color pink but for the LONGEST time I didn't have a clue as to how to incorporate it into my makeup. Pink eyeshadow is always iffy, I don't really wear blush, however pink lipstick had always been something I wanted to try. So I went to Sephora and got some assistance from a man who had the MOST flawless makeup I had ever seen and bought my first tube of lipstick: Sephora Lip Attitude Glamour Collection: Pink Caress 05 (sheer bubblegum). Check out my first pic wearing the lippy over Winter Break.

                                  Shala Monroque. 
Monroque has been named It-Girl in Teen Vogue, Girl of the Month for and is notably one of the most stalked individuals during Fashion Weeks all over the world. Shala Monroque holds the post of editor-at-large for Pop Magazine which has placed her cosmopolitan and daring style into the limelight. Her love affair with Rodarte, artistic inspiration and even her Rastafarian hair stylist are some of the most fascinating things she shares with us on her self-titled blog, Shala. Keep your eye on this one. I'm certain she'll be one to please.

Pomegranate Seeds.
I love pomegranates. Between picking out the seeds and attempting not to get pom juice all over your clothing, this is probably the most difficult fruit to eat. However, it's all worth it because the fruit tastes and LOOKS so good. The color of the fruit has driven me to buy several magenta colored tops. I think it's a win-win situation. I get a beautiful colored top that I can comfortably eat my pomegranate seeds in!

Cheap Jewelry. 
I have a tendency to lose a lot of my jewelry, like my Chanel ring I received as a Birthday present from my Aunt (I'm still sick about that one!). So it makes sense to buy trendy, cheap jewelry from places like Forever 21 and H&M. These places are great because you can really make your outfits true to your style for $20 or less. I'm really intrigued by clear lucite baubles, pastel colored jewelry and tons of bangles!

Just So Inspired.

I love Beyonce. She ceases to amaze me. The song had to grow on me, but this music video is amazing!

Bey calls on 40's-50's pin-up models and housewives with her make-up, garb and Bettie-Page hairstyle (the same one as in Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video).

Where do I even begin?

The exaggerated winged eye-liner, huge gold and black baubles, cat-eye sunglasses, wonderful Gianmarco Lorenzi platform heels or retro lingerie (with garters and out now)?
This time-piece was directed by the lovely Melina Matsoukas (she directed "Rude Boy" for Rihanna) but the question truly is who styled this video? I've been scouring the internet trying to answer this million dollar question, but to no avail.

As this post is entitled, there's nothing left to say except Beyonce is just so damn inspired.

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From Australia, with Love. Part 2

Samantha Harris, the newest (and only?) face of the Aboriginal People of Australia is out to take over the fashion world. Word on the street is she's in talks with Prada and Balenciaga. Harris, however, is no stranger to fame, modeling for no less than 18 shows during Australian Fashion Week. With a stint in London Fashion week, the adoration of Patrick Demarchelier and an Australian Vogue Cover, I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing this aborigine beauty a lot more on the glossies of American fashion magazines.

From Australia, with Love. Part 1

A lot of people have been falling asleep on our friends Down Under. I've recently discovered an amazing designer who has been deemed One to Watch by Tommy Ton.

Dion Lee.

Lee is  a 22-year old hailing from Australia. After attending the Sydney Institute of Technology, he began designing inspired by the construction of clothing, with a focus on pattern-making and innovative cuts. I love his use of pastels and especially the leggings that remind me of coral reef from the Great Barrier Reef. Another one of my favorite pieces from his collection are the prints that remind me of a painter's accidental ink blot that Dion Lee fashioned into a beautiful garment. 

The entire collection reminds me of an ethereal, beautiful girl living in a structured world forced to conform to the lines and constraints (clearly I have quite an imagination). Check out more about Dion Lee at his homepage and a glowering review of his collection at Fab Sugar Australia.

Baby Got Back!

Now we all love Sir-Mix-A-Lot, but I'm talking about a different kind of back.

Lately my obsession has been with garments that are revealing in a very coquettish fashion. With displaying the right amount of skin in the right place you can get sexy sans slutty. The key is to find a garment that accentuates and highlights your beautiful back. 

You can go drama in a draped open-back detailed with an edgy chain from Black Halo or a little unconventional with an asymmetrically draped garment by Acne.

Want something a little more casual? You don't have to lose the drama in order to take an open back from day to night. Try lighter colors and more casual material (like light cotton or jersey). The Scoop-back ruffle dress is from Twenty8twelve's latest collection and the burnout t-shirt is designed by David Lerner.